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Posted on Nov 11, 2018 in Solo

Jude is a 6’4″ tall, 28 year old guy who wears size 14 shoes. He’s got a super smiley personality, and this is his first time paid to be on camera. On days without work, he says he might jerk off six or seven times in a day.

He’s into short girls with long legs, but he’s messed around with guys, too. That said, he’s never had a threesome.

Chase Models Underwear
Chase, a 19 year old twink, models boxers and boxer briefs before busting a nut.
Clark's a 36 year tattoo artist with a nice ass and an uncut dick.
Rickie's a fun 5'4", 28 year old guy with a goatee and a carefree attitude.
Gino's a short, 5'4", 27 year old guy whose passion is highlining outdoors.
Monroe is a 28 year old straight guy. He's also a virgin.
Wyatt Eats Pizza
18 year old Wyatt is having a pizza party with you as the guest.
Korey's a 5'7", 21 year old guy with a bright red hair and ginger pubes.
Prince is a 19 year old ladies' man with bleached blonde hair and glasses.
Adam's a deep voiced, blue eyed, hairy 18 year old guy with dreamy dimples.
Calvin's got a super hero jawline and an adorably bashful personality.
Ned's a tall, thin, geeky 21 year old. He's got a full set of pubes, & he's uncircumcised.
Monroe is a 28 year old straight guy. He's also a virgin.
Leo's a long-haired 22 year old surfer who's got brown hair and blue eyes.
Joey's a happy-go-lucky guy who likes spending time in the gym.
Ollie's 26, 5'8", & 140 pounds, but his most notable aspect is a big, picture perfect dick.
Freddie's a toned, tall, 26 year old ginger guy with a fun, confident personality.