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Dalton’s Butt

Posted on Feb 10, 2024 in Solo - Vertical

Dalton’s a thin, 22 year old scruffy faced guy with an uncut dick and an impressive cum shot. He’s back to show off another side of himself: his backside.

Sliding off his shorts, he bends over and reveals his hole while he jerks his dick before flipping over and spewing a forceful cumshot past the camera when he’s ready to bust.

Pubes: Stubble
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Halford's a 37 year old daddy-type with a fit body and nice uncut dick.
Rayburn is a scraggly haired construction worker with a big, cut dick.
Goodwin is a furrier, 20 year old guy with a full head of wavy, brown hair.
Niall is a tall, pale guy with shaggy red hair and a pink, cut dick.
Berik, a muscular 23 year old guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, flips a "coin."
Greylen is a 38 year old, mustached, glasses-wearing, vocal dad-type.
Ettore briefly talks about himself then gets naked and jerks off.
Marco's an adorably incorrigible 21 year old with a furry butt crack & a hairy taint.
Brandon's a tall, 6'6" pretty boy with red hair. He's also a semi truck driver.
Rayburn is a scraggly haired construction worker with a big, cut dick.
Blonde, scruffy-faced, 24 year old Braxton is back to show off his butt and hole.
Wyatt's personality is adorably endearing, and he just turned 18 earlier this month.
Well-built, straight, 22 year old Trygg reveals that he has a very nice ass.
Hamdin is a hairy 19 year old guy with a square jaw and a cut dick.
Raphael is a long-haired ginger, and he's eager to reveal all his pink parts.
Clark's a 36 year tattoo artist with a nice ass and an uncut dick.