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Trygg 2

Posted on Oct 5, 2021 in Solo - Vertical

Twenty-two year old Trygg is back to provide a better view of his solid, athletic body and his quite nice, uncut dick.

After stroking his cock beneath his shorts, he pushes his clothes down and jerks his uncut dick in full view. Naked, he provides both side and front views of his hard on and smooth balls before he ultimately jerks off using two hands, busting a nut close to the camera with ample cum spewing forth.

Pubes: Closely Clippered
Tattoos: A Few
Piercings: Ear(s) - Small Hole
Marco's an adorable, 5'9", furry, 21 year old from Texas, and I flew him to Vegas.
Myles is a 5'4" guy with a Southeast Asian look and bleached blonde hair.
Filbert's a 23 year old guy with glasses, and he's ready to show of his hairy ass.
Maihan's a tall, lean, 6'4", 24 year old guy, and he gets hard as he showers.
Fenyx is a 33 year old, hot, young daddy type, with brown hair and a few tattoos.
Tarin's a thin, bearded, brown haired guy showing off his smooth, ample balls.
Strawberry blonde Braxton provides a closer view of his rock hard, pink, cut cock.
Tahmir is a hairy, 28 year old guy with a wide mustache and big, cut cock.
Lakota's got a smooth body and a cute butt that's dusted with the lightest of hair.
Hanoch is a good-looking, furry, thin, 23 year old guy who likes ball play.
Muscular, blonde, 23 year old Berik is back to show off his very toned body.
Steve is a shorter, dirty blonde guy who's uncircumcised and plays video games.
Sagynau is a 5'5", thicker 29 year old guy with a raspy voice and a scruffy vibe.
Ettore briefly talks about himself then gets naked and jerks off.
Osborn's a darker complected, 23 year old guy with a hairy chest and a cut dick.
Dalton busts an amazingly powerful cum shot while taking a shower.