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Posted on May 13, 2021 in Solo - Vertical

Goodwin’s a wavy haired, slightly hairy, 20 year old brunette guy with a scruffy face. After teasing his sweats coming off, he pushes them down to reveal his cut cock before showing off his asshole and hairy ass crack.

Pubes: Closely Clippered
Tattoos: Minimal
Piercings: Ear(s) - Small Hole
Lornell is a 27 year old guy with dark red hair and bright orange pubes.
Tarin gets wet and sudsy before busting a forceful nut.
Iverson's an athletically built, 34 year old, strawberry blonde guy with a cut dick.
Merlow is a very big dicked 18 year old guy with natural pubes.
Vilhelm is a 29 year old guy from Texas, and he's back to nut again.
Berik is a blonde, straight guy, and he's got a nice, muscular, bubble butt.
Laurian goes from plaid shirt & blue jeans to black jockstrap & bottom.
Kaliq is a small-framed, toned, 23 year old guy with a big, cut dick.
Uaithne is a smooth, 21 year old Latino guy with an uncut dick.
Percy's a 26 year old guy with dark blonde hair and a red beard. He loves showing off.
Rayfield's a dark-complected, slightly hairy, 24 year old guy with a circumcised cock.
Maihan's a tall, 6'4", 24 year old guy with a thin build, blue eyes, and a cut cock.
Wyatt & Brandon get intense when they put cock rings on each other with their mouths.
Clark's a 36 year tattoo artist with a nice ass and an uncut dick.
Douglas is a blue eyed geek who likes writing love stories and searching for ghosts.
Marco's a 21 year old Texas boy with furry armpits and hairy forearms.