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Tarin’s Balls

Posted on Mar 30, 2024 in Solo - Vertical

Tarin’s a thin, moderately furry, bearded, 30 year old guy, and it’s pretty obvious that he likes showing off. After removing his shirt and sweatpants, he reclines back and strokes his circumcised dick while tugging and showcasing his ample, smooth balls as they sit prominently below his shaft.

Pubes: Slightly Trimmed
Tattoos: A Few
Piercings: Ear(s) - Small Hole
Fenyx is a 33 year old, hot, young daddy type, with brown hair and a few tattoos.
Strawberry blonde Braxton provides a closer view of his rock hard, pink, cut cock.
Tahmir is a hairy, 28 year old guy with a wide mustache and big, cut cock.
Oziah is a short, 5'6", 28 year old curvy guy with a smooth, ample ass.
Halford's a 37 year old daddy-type with a fit body and nice uncut dick.
Dalton's back to show off another side of himself: his backside.
Rayburn is a scraggly haired construction worker with a big, cut dick.
Goodwin is a furrier, 20 year old guy with a full head of wavy, brown hair.
Raphael is a long-haired ginger, and he's eager to reveal all his pink parts.
Chase is a 19 year old, 5'10", 135 pound twink with a cheeky personality.
Stanwood is back to show off his heavy balls, smaller dick, and natural pubes.
Ferhan is a tall, 25 year old guy with a hot body, great ass, and a big dick.
Merlow is a very big dicked 18 year old guy with natural pubes.
Haralt's a bigger, 35 year old guy with a beard, and he really likes feet.
Tarin gets wet and sudsy before busting a forceful nut.
Hamdin is a 19 year old college student with green eyes and natural pubes.