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Posted on May 13, 2019 in Solo

Gino’s a short guy, standing at 5’4″ and around 135 pounds. He’s got brown hair, green eyes, a beard, and the start of a handlebar mustache.

He’s very in tune with nature, too. He grew up on a ranch, builds aerial challenge courses and ziplines for work, and his passion is slacklining (sort of like tight rope walking outdoors). He travels the world to cross high over canyons, rivers, and such walking on a 1 inch wide webbing.

And while he’s a straight guy with a girlfriend, nobody, including her, knows he’s showing his cock to the world today.

Monahan's got a pirate style goatee and a big dick which he happily shows off.
Halford's a married "daddy" with an uncut dick and smooth balls.
Chase Models Underwear
Chase, a 19 year old twink, models boxers and boxer briefs before busting a nut.
Clark's a 36 year tattoo artist with a nice ass and an uncut dick.
Rickie's a fun 5'4", 28 year old guy with a goatee and a carefree attitude.
Gino's a short, 5'4", 27 year old guy whose passion is highlining outdoors.
Monroe is a 28 year old straight guy. He's also a virgin.
Wyatt Eats Pizza
18 year old Wyatt is having a pizza party with you as the guest.
Hayden's a thin, 6'2", 20 year old, 155 pound, big dicked, long haired guy.
Sonny is a 22 year old guy who enjoys playing guitar and hanging out in his "herb" garden.
Thomas is a beefy, 22 year old guy with brown hair and a teddy bear build.
Eldon's a 6'3" blonde guy with blue eyes who weighs 175 pounds and does parkour.
Ned's a tall, thin, geeky 21 year old. He's got a full set of pubes, & he's uncircumcised.
Joey's a happy-go-lucky guy who likes spending time in the gym.
Chad's 6'7" tall with a lanky frame, blonde hair, and blue eyes. He's 24 and uncut.
Burton's got amazing light blue eyes, and he's a prolific pre-cummer.