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Posted on Nov 8, 2016 in Solo

Sonny is a shaggy haired, 6’2″, 175 pound, 22 year old guy who enjoys playing guitar and hanging out in his “herb” garden. He has adorably innocent blue eyes, and for a thin guy, he’s got quite a jiggly ass, too.

Danick's big, curved dick can barely stay contained in his underwear.
Venceslao is a bearded, tatted, thick-built 28 year old guy with pierced nipples.
Oswald has a very fine, muscular bubble butt, and his sexual energy is palpable.
Tannon's a 49 year old, grey haired guy with abs and a very long cock.
Holden's a slightly furry, 23 year old guy with boy next door looks and an uncut dick.
Lindberg's a slim, 26 year old guy with curly hair, a cut dick, and full balls.
Norval's a 37 year old guy with a fit body and dirty blonde hair.
Kaliq's 23 and a slim, small statured guy, standing at 5'7" and 120 pounds.
Brandon's a tall, 6'6" pretty boy with red hair. He's also a semi truck driver.
Ryan's 18, 5'7", about 150 pounds, and adorably clueless. He's got a nice butt, too.
Percy's a 26 year old guy with dark blonde hair and a red beard. He loves showing off.
Graham's 19, and he's eagerly embracing his sexually adventurous teenager side.
Trevelian is 42 years old with a super hot dad bod and glasses.
Macnachtan's a slim, bearded, hairy, tattooed 26 year old badass with a nose ring.
Calvin's got a super hero jawline and an adorably bashful personality.
Tanton's a red-bearded 30 year old daddy with a nice ass.