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Konstantine’s Shower

Posted on Mar 18, 2023 in Solo - Vertical

Konstantine’s a tall, 24 year old guy with short, wavy, brown hair, and incredibly small nipples. His dick, however, isn’t small at all, and after quickly getting undressed, he shows off his thick cock and big balls before getting into the shower.

With the water flowing, he washes his naked body with a loofah while the camera views up from below, then he strokes his large cock until his cum powerfully spews forth.

Pubes: Closely Clippered
Tattoos: Minimal
Piercings: Ear(s) - Small Hole
Halford's a 37 year old daddy-type with a fit body and nice uncut dick.
Dalton's back to show off another side of himself: his backside.
Rayburn is a scraggly haired construction worker with a big, cut dick.
Goodwin is a furrier, 20 year old guy with a full head of wavy, brown hair.
Niall is a tall, pale guy with shaggy red hair and a pink, cut dick.
Berik, a muscular 23 year old guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, flips a "coin."
Greylen is a 38 year old, mustached, glasses-wearing, vocal dad-type.
Ettore briefly talks about himself then gets naked and jerks off.
Glansey's a thicker, 27 year old guy who moans while he jerks off.
Walter's a husky, 21 year old, blonde guy with a bubbly personality.
Korey's a 5'7", 21 year old guy with a bright red hair and ginger pubes.
Holden's back with his slightly furry butt cheeks and a powerful cum shot.
Super slim, 24 year old nerdy type Ogden gives a close up view of his grundle.
Dalton busts an amazingly powerful cum shot while taking a shower.
Tannon's a 49 year old, grey haired guy with abs and a very long cock.
Campion is 23, thin, and 5'8" with a scruffy goatee and large balls.