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Tarin In The Tub

Posted on Mar 3, 2023 in Solo - Vertical

Tarin’s a bearded, 30 year old guy who likes to show off his long cock and slightly fuzzy ass, and he’s got a great bath tub. His body hair clings to all the right places and the wet tendrils of fur highlight his manliness when he lifts himself out of the warm water. He’s not bashful about showing off his ass and hole, and after everything has been on display fully, he strokes himself to bust a nut into the water below.

Pubes: Slightly Trimmed
Tattoos: A Few
Piercings: Ear(s) - Small Hole
Lornell is a 27 year old guy with dark red hair and bright orange pubes.
Tarin gets wet and sudsy before busting a forceful nut.
Iverson's an athletically built, 34 year old, strawberry blonde guy with a cut dick.
Merlow is a very big dicked 18 year old guy with natural pubes.
Vilhelm is a 29 year old guy from Texas, and he's back to nut again.
Berik is a blonde, straight guy, and he's got a nice, muscular, bubble butt.
Laurian goes from plaid shirt & blue jeans to black jockstrap & bottom.
Kaliq is a small-framed, toned, 23 year old guy with a big, cut dick.
Haralt's a bigger, 35 year old guy with a beard, and he really likes feet.
Corwin's 22 years old with scraggly, reddish hair and a well-built physique.
Dekster is a 21 year old guy with brown hair, a natural bush, and a cut cock.
Dalton busts an amazingly powerful cum shot while taking a shower.
Nolan's 22 years old, 6'2" tall, about 160 pounds, and he's under house arrest.
Hayden, a straight guy, touches Wyatt's dick in the "Not My Arms" challenge.
Douglas is a blue eyed geek who likes writing love stories and searching for ghosts.
Korey's a 5'7", 21 year old guy with a bright red hair and ginger pubes.