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Wyatt And Brandon

Posted on Dec 30, 2022 in Two Guys

When I was preparing for Wyatt, an adorable 18 year old guy with pubes and a scruffy face, and Brandon, a 6’4″ red haired guy with a glowing smile and a great body, to do a shoot together, I thought of a game that was playfully sexy for two straight guys: put a candy cock ring on the other guy without using your hands. The part I missed, though, is that neither Wyatt nor Brandon are straight.

As the clothes came off, the attraction between the two became quite palpable and unprompted kissing, dick rubbing, and hugging preceded not just “nudging” the candy cock ring up the sides of the dick but rather going straight over the dick, blow job style, to get it on. I simply let the camera run.

Candy cock ring game complete, Wyatt and Brandon then jerk off together with some kisses and blow job interaction while they’re stroking themselves. Wyatt busts a nut all the way up his chest. Brandon gets in his own head, though, and needs a bit of alone time to cum himself. He ultimately does then the guys finish with a quick post-nut “that wasn’t what I was expecting” interview.

Marco's an adorable, 5'9", furry, 21 year old from Texas, and I flew him to Vegas.
Myles is a 5'4" guy with a Southeast Asian look and bleached blonde hair.
Filbert's a 23 year old guy with glasses, and he's ready to show of his hairy ass.
Maihan's a tall, lean, 6'4", 24 year old guy, and he gets hard as he showers.
Fenyx is a 33 year old, hot, young daddy type, with brown hair and a few tattoos.
Tarin's a thin, bearded, brown haired guy showing off his smooth, ample balls.
Strawberry blonde Braxton provides a closer view of his rock hard, pink, cut cock.
Tahmir is a hairy, 28 year old guy with a wide mustache and big, cut cock.
Chase, a 19 year old twink, models boxers and boxer briefs before busting a nut.
Trevelian is 42 years old with a super hot dad bod and glasses.
Franklin's 34, 6'2", and 168 pounds with a conservatively estimated 8 inch dick.
Chad's 6'7" tall with a lanky frame, blonde hair, and blue eyes. He's 24 and uncut.
Hamdin is a 19 year old college student with green eyes and natural pubes.
Estevon is a scraggly haired, 23 year old guy with chest and facial hair.
Berik is a blonde, straight guy, and he's got a nice, muscular, bubble butt.
Hanoch is a good-looking, furry, thin, 23 year old guy who likes ball play.